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BAT-CONNECT-A System Takeover

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BAT-CONNECT-A System Takeover

with Ethernet, WiFi, and Cellular for North America.

never fails.

Easily upgrade old security panels to a modern, mobile user experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this award-winning device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation to the lightning-fast Alula Network.

5G ReadyReady!

What makes BAT-Connect different

Fueled by the encrypted network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices you already use.

Armed with the BAT-Connect, you can streamline and simplify operations. The communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, it will takeover any DSC, Honeywell, Interlogix, 2GIG, and Napco sensors.

Easily integrate home automation

With an optional Z-Wave™ card, you can quickly add automated locks, thermostats, lights, garage door controllers, or other Z-Wave certified devices.

The vertical network and hardware integration is your unfair advantage. Network response time from the app command to the IoT device happens in 38mS; that’s 10 times faster than a blink of an eye.

Bat connect

Video Ready

Did you know that a quarter of all households want a new Video Doorbell? Be ready for new service subscriptions, powered by the Alula ecosystem, cameras pair with security and automation in one simple app. Upgrade your system today!