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Unicorn Uniview-1KChannels 4k, ultra Compression 265 2Kch NVR, 16HDD unlimited series

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This UNICORN VMS UNV (Uniview) 2000-ch 16-SATA ONVIF Cameras and can record footage worth 12 MP of resolution. You can fix it in 16 super strong SATA hard drives and each has a maximum of 14 TB of storage.

The NVR maintains third party IP security cameras as well. You also can connect to your NVR from multiple IP addresses and locations with no hassle. Included in the features is a collection of numerous recording and playback options.

Enable the push alert notifications and automatically receive an email whenever a sudden movement is captured on frames. This helps you quickly get into action whenever an incident happens.  Also, you can control the positioning of your camera with the PTZ controls on this NVR. 

The UNV (Uniview) UNICORN NVR. 2000CH, 512/384Mb, 


Stability: Linux OS, dual-BIOS, redundant power, two-server hot standby

  • Compatibility: Third-party IP Cameras supported with standard ONVIF
  • Access: Browser/Server, Client/Server, and mobile clients (both iOS and Android)
  • Connection: 1000 device connections, up to 2000 channels of high-definition network videos
  • Management: Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control, support devices’ configuration import/export
  • Storage: Max 16 hard disks and 2 disk enclosures; expandable up to 48 disks with 480TB storage, recording backup, IPSAN storage
  • Decoding: Max 16×1080P decoding outputs in three screens, expandable up to 112×1080P in 15 screens with 2 decoding cards inserted
  • Service: Live view, playback, sequence, video wall, E-map, two-way audio, and alarm plan
  • Reliability: Support of HTTPS, 802.1x authentication, ARP protection, Telnet enabling/disabling, network fault tolerance, multi-IP configuration, load balancing, secure password, and IP address filtering


NVR Features

Remote Monitoring

Central Monitoring System: Have more than one location? Well accessing each of them on a different IP address is a thing of the past with our standard CMS software that allows you to painlessly link an almost unlimited number of recorders and cameras all to the same IP address.

Playback and Recording

Multiple Playback and Recording Options: The multiple recording options allow you to set your Universal DVR/NVR to record on a set schedule, continuously around-the-clock, or to further conserve hard drive space: only when motion is detected. You can also select the number of cameras to view on one screen or hide certain ones from other users, using the multiple playback features.

H.264 Compression

H.264 Real-time Recording and Playback: Its H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising the image quality (compared to other compression standards, such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology, which offers unbeatable recording picture quality while at the same time saving you valuable hard drive storage space.

H.265 Compression

H.265 Real-time Recording and Playback: H.265 is a step above H.264. In the world of technology, we all strive to move forward and advance--so here is our next offer in the world of saving space and slow internet speeds. H.265 can transfer HD video data (~720p) at half of the bandwidth then that of H.264 so that you can enjoy 2K and videos even if you have slow internet(1~2Mbs). You get the same data quality as H.264 and the others but compared you save 70~80% in bandwidth sources.

Push Alerts

Push Alerts & Automatic E-mails: Setup your Universal DVR/NVR to automatically send you an e-mail alert or a Push Notification, with a video clip, every time there is a motion-triggered event. This enables you to quickly take action when an incident has occurred

E-map Function

E-map Function Support: The E-map feature provides a camera icon that represents the location of cameras on a map of a building or area, helping you to strategically place your cameras in the spots where surveillance is most needed. The detail this function provides is essential in saving time and the hassle of repositioning your cameras to achieve the desired viewing space.

PTZ Control

3D Intelligent Positioning: This feature lets you digitally control your PTZ cameras (move up, move down, move left, move right, zoom in, and zoom out) from your monitor and mobile applications.

Custom System Design

Karma Security offers free consultations and system designs, so if the bundled kits don't have what you need, please do not hesitate to call us (+1-647-946-1735) or send in a sales request or e-mail. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern time. 

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