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Belden CAT5e 4-Pair UTP PVC Horizontal Riser Networking Cable (1000', Blue)

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The Belden CAT5e 4-Pair UTP

BeldenPVC Horizontal Riser Networking Cable is designed to be used in a horizontal cabling environment, where you need to connect telecommunications rooms to individual work areas. It provides 1000' of bulk 24 AWG cabling with solid bare copper conductors, wrapped in a PVC shell. It's suitable for use in networks that require support for speeds up to 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet. This cabling does not come with RJ-45 connectors, so you can have the ability to cut and crimp your own specific lengths of cable that match your needs.


This bulk riser-rated Cat5e cable is 1000 feet in length and consists of 4 pairs of 24AWG stranded wires with an overall foil shield. It is typically used to manufacture Cat5e shielded patch cables and terminated with shielded RJ45 plugs.

100% Bare Copper Stranded Conductors

This cables is manufactured using high quality pure bare copper to ensure maximum conductivity, optimal performance and longest lifetime. The stranded wires gives the cable more flexibility, makes it easier to handle and makes it perfect for touring and short patch links.

Great for High Speed Networks

Our CAT5E bulk cable is the most practical and economical solution for all your networking applications, it provides 350 MHz of bandwidth, and offers high speed, uninterruped connection.

The Quality and Convenience You Need

This cable comes in a pull box for easy pulling, it features color striped pairs for easy identification, and a rip cord for easy stripping. also it uses an unshielded twisted pair (STP) structure to retain a high quality signal when passing near high voltage or power cables.


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