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Mr. Ford use technology to fight COVID-19

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Mr. Ford
It's truly my pleasure to be addressing you again regarding the fight against COVID-19. The last time that I contacted you was November 20th 2020. The only response we got was "Great idea, please submit your idea to our idea bank".
In my last email I had advised your office that my company has available Thermal Detection camera system(s) that are contactless and accurate to 99.97% which, per Dr. Isaac Bogoch is exactly the same accuracy as an official Covid 19 mouth swab test. In fact it is a widely known fact that fever is the number one symptom of a "potentially" infected person who could be a carrier of COVID-19. 
With that being said I'll cut to the chase. Almost a year later we are struggling with travelers flying into our air ports and NOT being screened. You were very upset about this and rightfully so! I too am very frustrated and upset as well with this situation especially because I know that the solution is much more simpler than your office or even the Trudue government would care to acknowledge.
A year ago I had made a suggestion to your office about installing thermal fever detection devices at the air ports, at the malls and at schools. It seems now in hindsight that our government post offices should have them too, specifically I'm speaking of the outbreak at the Brampton sorting facility! I mean, how did we end up with over 200 infected people at one of our biggest mail distribution plants and all on 1 shift? Simple answer is they either simply didn't follow the federal guidelines or they lacked the resources to detect Covid quickly.
Today, once again I find myself feeling just as frustrated as you are Mr. Ford.
 I am sickened by the fact that I have to sit here and watch my Government spend millions if not billions of dollars. I'd guess daily or monthly to employ medical personnel to stand at the airport terminals so that they can test every single person flying into Person. 
This is obviously a "catch22" sorta speak. It is a necessary step but it's also very invasive. BUT, What if we could do this TEN times faster with very close to the same accuracy? 
Recently we send our kids back to school with the restriction in place that all children in 1st, to 3rd grade MUST wear a mask at all times. Forgive my sarcasm but it seems like only my government would put such a demand on the youngest most innocent children. Really? As a parent I can assure you that there is no way in hell that these kids are wearing a mask all day long! 
Of course I already pointed out in my last email that our thermal detection cameras ALSO have the ability to warn about people with no mask even if they pass the temperature screening. 
Ultimately Mr. Ford the COVID-19 detection and anti-covid product line that my company carries is truly a no brainer!
I realize you're a busy guy so I'll just point out quickly one last time that our thermal "fever" detection cameras are set up and ready for a demo only 10 minutes from your Etobicoke office! Yes, a viable solution to the covid pandemic has always been 10 min away. I strongly encourage you to contact me so that we can set up a private demo for you or one of your representatives to see our equipment in action.
-It is a fact that we WILL still be dealing with Covid in a year from now 2022.
-It is a fact that our government needs to do something different because the same is getting us nowhere!
-Extended periods of lock downs "house arrest" are a major cause of depression and suicides. In fact both are on the rise! Thermal fever detection cameras give us more freedom.
-Our thermal detection cameras are 99.97% accurate.
-We also have mask detection AI in most of our fever detection cameras.
-We have the ability to scan large groups of people all at once! 
-We also have metal detectors with a Fever scanner option.
-We are a local and proudly Canadian company! 
If you really are serious about putting an end to COVID-19 then please reach out and we can have a phone conversation where I can answer your questions, provide more facts and figures and present to you how these cameras WILL help! 
We are not only the installing company but also the supplier of these cameras and I am committed to getting this technology out into the places that they would be most beneficial.
I am NOT looking to make a quick buck as my 37 years in the security industry speaks for itself. I am committed to also providing the best possible price for these cameras as well which I can do as a supplier.
In closing sir and to prove my point I have included a quote for our Fever detection cameras. I'm using Pearson Int'l airport terminals 1 and 3 as my examples. I will stand behind this quote for 30 days and if you are interested in more information and agree to purchase from Karma Security then I will honor the quoted price for all of 2021 with no limit to how many devices are purchased.
2 thermal detection cameras KS-TIC600-NB The system contains blackbody, and temperature measurement accuracy is less than 0.3 celsius or Far. Long distance detection, support automatic face capture, historical alarm record query Each camera ...$ NOT TO DISCLOSE in public each ..... $ NOT TO DISCLOSE in public for two.
2 Back box with screen KS-CW180. Real-time snapshot of human face during temperature measurement. Support no mask reminder. This also includes a large display screen for the medical staff as well as the people being scanned. $NOT TO DISCLOSE in public each $NOT TO DISCLOSE in public.
I look forward to hearing from you as I'm sure you would agree that the benefits of deploying thermal detection cameras far outweigh any negatives!
Copy and paste the link above to see the cameras in action. 
In the demo video you'll see a mass of people walking through the corridor. Just imagine that this is terminal 3 at Toronto Pearson international or Canada Post's Brampton office. Now, ask yourself. How would the number of Covid19 infected people be different today had we had this technology installed a year ago? How fast will the number of infected people continue to grow if we keep on doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome? Yes, it's insanity! If you want change then you have to do something different! 
Send with the utmost respect and desire to help! 
Kind regards,    
Karma Security- Smart Solutions that work!

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