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Control this Pandemic, not curve it!

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Karma Security has been proudly providing smart security solutions that WORK for over 35 years! We are especially proud to bring our Thermal Detection (Covid-19 detection) product line to market. We believe having an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM in place along with  following federal guidelines is the ONLY WAY to truly CONTROL this pandemic not curve it, but control it!

How do you control it? With the ability to VISUALLY IDENTIFY potentially infected persons in a MASS GATHERING through the cameras lens NOT with a laser thermometer going per person. No wonder it’s taken the Ford government so long to ramp up testing. This is a tool that has been at our disposal for over a year now and our society has NOT used to its fullest potential and that potential is extremely powerful! Let me give you just a few points.

-Our products offer accuracy within 0.03% +/-. That's 99.7 percent accurate! 
But even a false positive IS a good thing because it forces more detailed testing on those people who NEED it vs those who just want to know.

-We have the ability to accurately scan large masses of people gathered in only seconds! Perfect MALLS for this busy Christmas shopping season! Peace of mind for parents and teachers with kids in SCHOOLS or large commercial and industrial settings getting our economy up and working again. Perhaps even crowded hospital waiting rooms?

Real World example: Covid 19 major outbreak somewhere in Canada (it’s happening NOW in all of our cities). Testing facilities are overwhelmed with hundreds of fearful citizens who simply don’t know if they are infected or not. It takes days if not weeks to test every single person while testing is almost redundant since social distancing is near impossible to enforce during panic type situations.

Solution: Emergency Covid test facility set up in local school gymnasium. Roped off isles are made around the perimeter of the gym and Karma Security’s Covid camera scans the people as they walkthrough. If each person walks at 3mph (leisurely walking) and we can accommodate 250-300 people (Socially distanced of course) then we could scan 300 people on average per minute and then those who trigger a warning via our system are pulled from the line and given a more through check-up. Even only 100 people per minute would equal 600 people per hour and over 7200 in 12 hours 24,000 people scanned in 40 hours.

-Why stop at only temperature detection? What about those people who DON'T have a temperature but fail to wear a mask before entering a public a building like a shopping mall or a school 
as recently reported in the news regarding Elders Public School. Karma Security's Thermal Detection Cameras analytics programming features MASK DETECTION and WARNING! Our Cameras have the ability using facial recognition to identify people who DO NOT HAVE A MASK ON and then the CAMERA WILL REQUEST THAT THEY PUT ONE ON. We could take this a step further using Karma Security's Access control line which merges with our Camera software seamlessly and now our camera can control the door too! No mask, no entry!

-Contract tracing? Got that covered too! In schools or businesses, we simply take a snapshot of everyone that entered that day and we store it on the local hard drive. That school's office or that company's HR department should be able to identify the people. Don't worry, everything is encrypted so your information is safe. If we don't get any alarms within a specified amount of time say14 days. Then the system will automatically format the stored data and then start recording and storing information as needed then repeat the formatting cycle again. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be 14 days, it could be 30 days or 60 days or more. Years if needed!

Recently I was asked by a coworker "What exactly is our role “as a company” in this fight for a cure to Covid?" This question is what sparked me to do this press release.

My response was instant and simple. "It's NOT my job or your job to find a cure to Covid or any other diseases. KARMA Security's job is to provide the early detection that keeps the doctors and nurses safe and healthy. It's our job to make sure our scientists get to work focused and with peace of mind that their kids are safe in school so they can concentrate on the cure we all NEEDI guess you could say that “We just bring the Karma and peace of mind through our technology so they can do the rest."

- Ernie Roode. President and CEO Karma Security.


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