About Us – Karma Security

About Us

Who Are We ?

Karma Security is a company with more than 35 years in the Security Industry, that provides solutions with a team of specialists.

Karma Security, provide monitoring, analytics, and alerts, across Intelligent Control Technologies ensuring early warning and vulnerabilities with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligent. We have the competence and experience needed according to industry best practices, compliances and standards 

Our Mission

Our mission began in early 2011. When Joseph Goldberg Founder of Intelligent Control, and Ernie Roode Founder of Karma Security, mergerd to established e-commerce website for Security Solutions, latest A.I.Technologies Systems and implementation.

Our own fulfilment centre that sources high quality products IIoT and Intelligent Control services at the best possible prices. We do not operate physical stores with high rent costs, wages & overheads which allow us to give YOU amazing prices which supply us with unique products that make your life easier on a day to day basis.

We ship internationally

Due to the COVID-19, we offer the DIY kit with remote assistance. 

To protect the safety of our team members and customers, we are offering Assisted DIY-Installation on select packages. We have technicians installing critical equipment while practicing proper sanitation and social distancing measures while working on your home or business. When your equipment arrives we will guide you through the steps to install it. DIY video and manuals is to guide you in the process with the best recommendations and tips to do it properly. The Installation of certain devices may need to be installed by our technicians, this will need to be scheduled https://www.karmasecurity.net . Please speak to your contact@intelligentcontrol.ca representative for full details.

Our Promise

We strive to ALWAYS deliver that’s why we have a 3 step customer satisfaction

guarantee to ensure you have the BEST possible experience:

✓ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Super EASY Returns

✓ 100% Customer Satisfaction 

If you have ANY questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@intelligentcontrol.ca our SUPER helpful dedicated support team is always willing to help!