Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Systems

  • Face Recognition

    Uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. It compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match.

  • People and Vehicle Tracking

    Automatically follows a person based on facial and motion detection and.

  • Super Starlight Technology

    Statistics show that 80% of crimes happen at night. To ensure a safe night, We apply the technology to IP cameras, which can capture a colorful and bright picture in the dark scene.

Fight against COVID-19 with smart technology

Body Temperature Detection Technology.

COVID-19 Compliant 2020.

What is bi-spectrum radiometric technology?

Using HD video camera and thermal camera side by side looking at the same field of view. This will create an output that includes video and metadata together. When combined with advanced artificial intelligence it gives sensible information on multiple objects at the same time.

Advantages of temperature detection

Facial Detection with temperature alarm for heavy traffic areas 
• Schools 
• Hospitals 
• Offices 
• Nursing homes

Black Body Calibrator

The black body is a standard temperature source used for temperature calibration. When taking temperature measurement, it is greatly affected by environmental factors by having a fixed temperature blackbody in the field of view gives the camera calibrated accuracy in real-time.

Typical ceiling mount installation

Perfect Scenario